All the same ( FT One Sixth, Dj Rellik)

from by SCOTOPIC

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The beat to 'All The Same' unfurls in shrill bursts and escalates before a dissonant closing. The emcee One Sixth muses on individual responsibility and people's tendency to deflect blame for their own failings by blaming society instead. He inverts that particular paradigm by rapping from the perspective of 'Society', and mirroring the people's sentiments back to them as if to say “I am a product of all of you!”. In this way, he highlights the irony of individuals conferring blame on society for their flaws given that society, by its intrinsic nature, is the collective aggregation of those individuals. His rhymes allude to avarice and materialism, lamenting “the messages of peace are drowned out by the sex that's on the screens/they're selling to the priests/then they turn around and sell Jesus/what the hell are we expected to believe?". Scotopic's beat is an outstanding achievement in sonic symbolism.

The kick drums represent the steady march of the elite 1% who pull the world's strings while the snare sounds act as an aural representation of the government slapping the law unto the people. The high-hats strain and struggle to maintain the rhythm in imitation of the working class's struggle to keep pace with a changing society. And the clicks, barely audible in the soundscape, serve as a whispered homage to those who live below the poverty line, their voices rarely heard. Scotopic's concept is laid out by One Sixth in one memorable stanza; "You can sense it in the beat/the hats are just a tad above the clicks/snared by the people pulling strings fo kicks/It's the grand design that defies logic/20-20 darkness/Adjust to the Scotopic." --Aritro Abedin


from SCOTOPIC EP, released October 31, 2014
Feat OneSixth, Dj Rellik



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Scotopic Melbourne, Australia

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